Maharashtra launches web portal with information on new government schemes

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday launched ‘MahaLabharthi‘, web portal that will help people get information about all the government schemes that they are eligible for. The government is now working to connect the web portal with other websites, to allow people to apply for the welfare schemes.

The web portal,, works on the basis of personal, educational and professional information provided by a person while registering on it. Once the registration process is completed, it will provide the option of welfare schemes and the benefits for which he or she scan apply. However, the person has also to fulfill eligibility criteria to ensure he or she is eligible for it.

It then provides the information like where to apply and whom to meet for the schemes and benefits that they are likely eligible for. Currently, it will provide detailed information of 229 such government schemes.

The state government, from time to time, implements a variety of schemes for the welfare of citizens. However, most of the time beneficiaries remain deprived of its benefits because of they are not aware of them.

Fadnavis said the Mahalabharthi platform will help in eliminating lack of awareness about government schemes, and enable more people to reap their benefits.

“The government will soon link the web portal with its other websites such as its direct beneficiary website —, enabling people to even apply for the various schemes from the same platform,” said a senior official from chief minister office.