All the State Govt. Services of Maharashtra can now be delivered through CSC VLEs.

CSC - Aaple Sarkar Sewa Kendra - Digital Sewa Kendra operating VLEs now can deliver more than 450 Government to Citizen services (G2C) of Government of Maharashtra from Digital Sewa Portal. All these services are covered under Right To Service Act passed by Government of Maharashtra. 47000 CSCs across Maharashtra now can deliver these services and fulfill the aim of the Government on easy accessibility of all Government services at citizen door step and nearby area. 

This is the unique initiative of Government Maharashtra to increase the ease of accessibility of the Government Services. This will bring the transparency in all government services. 

Various certificates, permits, Licenses and other services are being provided through Maha-E-Seva centers. Center operator fill up online form for the citizen and citizen could avail required service without any hurdle.

Citizens are obtaining various useful documents such as Birth Certificate, 7/12 Extract, Residence Certificate, caste certificate etc. through these CSC- Aaple Sarkar Sewa centers. They do not require to stand in a long queue or need not check repeatedly at the center for the documents. This procedure is also save lot of time.

This will Avail certificates, permits and license to fulfill citizens needs with genuine assurance"